Amanda Cebrian

Leverage your human brand assets.

Brands are Human & Humans are Brands

Personal Branding is a revolution. Some use it as a strategy to attract more customers and others use it to progress in their professional career. In a scenario where lots of professionals and brands compete for the same jobs and customers, an adequate Personal Branding strategy can help you to stand out from the rest of the competitors, emphasizing your Unique Promise of Value.

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Humans are Brand

Programs for individuals

Here you can find a range of strategical solutions designed to increase People’s Visibility and Influence. Whether you are a young professional hoping to break into your first employment or you are looking for something different to boost your business, a magnetic personal brand and a purposeful digital presence will help you stand out from your peers and influence those who make decisions about you. These programs includes the newest techniques in Personal Branding with exercises and 1-to-1 session.

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Brands are Human

Programs for organisations

To help companies grow stronger, here you can find a variety of strategical programs to evaluate, communicate and propel your Brand aligned with your employees’ Brand. If your leverage your employees’ Brands assets, your organisation will be more authentic and more trustworthy. These comprehensive programs include the newest Personal Branding techniques for groups, departments and small organisations with workshops, training sessions, individual and group sessions and endless amount of possibilities.

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